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We started as a small retail shop in Orlando, and operated for over 19 years, serving car enthusiasts with parts and installation. We not only sell the performance parts - but also install them on our employee and shop cars. In doing so, we know first hand of the product quality and feel, so we can better advice on customer's builds. At the same time, provide good service so our close association with customers allows us to send product review to the manufacturer.
Since opening in 1998, past shop cars (and customer cars) have graced magazines such as Honda Tuning and and won awards from car shows as Hot Import Nights, Battle of The Imports, and East Coast Eibach Meet.

It is not until recent years that the we decide to shift focus to on-line sales. By opening up Ebay store plus this web-store, and many listings on automotive forums and Facebook groups, we are able to bring more products to people. With the explosion of social media, you can now find us on Instagram and FB for the newest brand, products and builds.

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