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Agency Power Adjustable Sway Bar FR-S / BRZ 13-16 (rear 19mm)

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Light weight, rear wheel driver sports cars are among the best cars for the track. However it is normal for these cars to still have some under steer and not have a balanced chassis when entering and exiting corners. To improve upon the suspension system, Agency Power has developed this well balanced 19mm, 2 way adjustable sway bar for the 2013 Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. The sway bar is Made in the USA and features new urethane bushings and brackets for the installation. The sway bars work with the OEM sway bar links or our Agency Power aftermarket sway bar link kits. The solid sway bars feature a machined end with adjustability holes to give your car the best under and over steer combinations it needs. Each sway bar is powder coated in a white finish.

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