To show how much we appreciate your business, please take advantage of our rewards program.
You get points for every dollar spent at our store and use them as store credits toward your future purchases.

The points are calculated in a few ways.

1.  For every $50 spent, you receive 1 point.  All items will show how many point they are worth.
2.  Some items have custom points assigned.  A $1000 turbo may get you 50 points instead of 20.
3.  Promotions/Sales can offer extra points for just one item or combination of items.
4.  Our customer service may also add points to your account (registered customers only) for special occasions.
     These special occasions could be and not limited to: referring a friend, tagging us on social media, promoting our business
     on social media...etc.

You can use the points on any purchase and they are valid for 5 years.
1 point = $1.  If you see products without points assigned, please let us know before purchase.
The points are none transfer-able.  Shipping or freight fees DO NOT earn points.
We reserve the right to decline reward points for an item that was offered to you at a discounted price (at our discretion).

If you still have questions, please contact us by phone: 407-275-8000 or email: [email protected]