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RaceChip BMW M4 13-20 Competition GTS Black Tuning Module (w/App)

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+79 HP   +92 lb-ft

State-of-the-art for high-performance vehicles. The combination of ultramodern hardware, cutting-edge software and technology (up to 7 analogue and digital channels) plus comprehensive safety and service packages gives petrolheads everything they’ve ever wanted in their own cars. Experience the intense joy of driving on challenging cross-country roads, the thrill of commanding acceleration away from traffic lights or the confidence inspired by ample power on the autobahn - all roads lead to RaceChip GTS Black. 

7 fine tuning mappings 
Up to +20% MPG 
Warm-up timer (GTS Black activates only when the engine has reached operating temperature, meaning extra protection.)
2-year engine warranty (up to 10.000 USD) 
1x re-programming if you change your car 
App control (included)

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