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Revel VLS Digital Intercooler Dual Gauge 52mm

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The 52mm Revel VLS OLED Intercooler Dual Temperature gauge monitors both inlet and outlet air temperatures of the intercooler to allow for accurate readings while tuning the vehicle. The dual LED outer rings allow for quick glances of the air temperatures during driving and the OLED center display provides readings from 50 F up to 300 F of each side. Viewing comfort is maximized by utilizing the OLED display which does not require a backlight to be clearly visible at any time of the day. This is easier on the eyes than a typical LCD display that emits a harsher backlight. Included in the gauge kit are two 3/8 NPT air intake temperature sensors, universal mounting pod & visor, and wiring harnesses required for easy installation.

*The Revel VLS Intercooler Dual Temperature gauge is not daisy-chain compatible.

2 1/16 in. (52mm) diameter gauge
Monitor both enter & exit temperatures
50 F to 300 F readings
Digital OLED display
14 LED outer ring per side
Air temperature sensors included
(3/8 NPT thread pitch)
Mounting kit included
Requires weld-in bung (not included)

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