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Sirimoto E85 Flex Fuel kit Civic Si 17-19

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The product requires a red Hondata FlashPro, which is the race version. It will not work with the blue CARB Compliant / Exempt FlashPro. You will also need access to an E85 station, which you can find with websites such as getbiofuel.com or e85prices.com. See bottom of product description for information on E85 and emissions.

You do not have to only use E85 fuel after installing this kit. You can fill your gas
tank with any combination of normal gasoline and E85 fuel you like, or just run normal gasoline with no E85!

When combined with a Hondata FlashPro, this kit allows you to run E85, which is an ethanol based biofuel and gives huge power and torque gains. E85 also allows your turbo to spool earlier and faster, and causes your engine and turbo to operate considerably cooler and smoother.
Not only does this kit allow you to run E85, but it constantly monitors how much E85 is in your fuel, which allows your FlashPro to dynamically adjust your tune so you're always running at peak performance for the given amount of E85 you filled up with.
Gains of 64+ hp and 64+ lb-ft of torque! This means if you have a 10th Gen Civic Si, you will be at around 270 hp as measured at the flywheel. Power results will vary depending on how much E85 you fill up with and whether you use a Hondata provided basemap or a custom tune. The Hondata basemap will typically raise boost by about +6 PSI, but it does depend on the exact basemap you load. With other bolt on modifications, a custom tune, and a upgraded clutch, we have seen 10th Civic Si's easily put out over 300 hp! If you have a CVT transmission, torque gains will be limited to ensure transmission reliability.
Why this SiriMoto E85 Flex Fuel Kit?
Combined with the Hondata FlashPro, this is by far the best bang for your buck power adder out there.
No need to fill up with 100% E85 to get great power gains. E30 to E40 works very well. To make things easy, this kit includes an Innovate E85 digital gauge so you always know what percentage of ethanol you're running! For example, if the gauge reads 37.5, that means you have 37.5% ethanol (or E37.5) in your tank. 85% ethanol would be E85. The gauge also displays your fuel temperature as a colored ring around the main display.
This kit was thoroughly tested and designed with very reliable components.
Easy to install and features pre-assembled fuel lines (with abrasion resistant sleeve)
to connect the Ethanol Sensor.
Comes with comprehensive installation instructions.
Covered by a 1 Year Limited Warranty.
Key Features
Includes everything you need for a complete installation.
Weatherproof terminals and connections.
Tefzel wiring, nylon sleeved for added protection.
High quality Deutsch connector.
Sensor assembly can very easily be rotated to accommodate other nearby Modifications, like an oil catch can.

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