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Verus Hood Louver Kit 350Z (Black)

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Part Number: VER-Z33
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This kit is painted black from Verus.
The Verus Engineering Hood Louver Kit helps reduce engine bay heat and pressure.
During the design process; we wanted to utilize the OEM hood. This resulted in a product that retains the hood's structural rigidity and ensures the hood retains its shape after years of use.
This hood louver kit is for the Z33 350Z owner looking for a purposely placed, built, and tested louver kit that weighs less than most carbon vent hoods.

Included items:
Hood Louver, Right-Hand
Hood Louver, Left-Hand
Wicker, Right-Hand
Wicker, Left-Hand
Cut Template (2)
Small Verus Vinyl Sticker
Hardware Kit, Includes All Hardware Necessary for Install

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