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Voodoo13 Eccentric Lockout Kit 240SX 89-94 (non HICAS)

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Voodoo 13 is proud to offer a new approach to an essential, but most often overlooked product for any 240SX running rear adjustable toe and camber arms. From Nissan, the 240SX is equipped with eccentric hardware that will only allow fine tuning with the factory non-adjustable suspension. The OEM eccentric hardware was not designed for the enthusiast who will push their car to the limit. Under hard cornering loads (such as seen in drifting and hard grip driving), the eccentric hardware can slip, causing the alignment settings to change and potentially causing the vehicle to become unstable.

To eliminate this potential hazard, Voodoo 13 has designed large eccentric lockout washers out of CNC machined marine grade 316 stainless steel to help prevent corrosion under almost any environment with Class 10.9 Zinc coated hardware. Not only do we use the best materials possible, we even took the time to provide a unique design, unlike anyone else, that will look great and function flawlessly. Designed and manufactured right here in the USA, this is hands down the best eccentric lockout kit on the market!

This is for the None HICAS equipped cars

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